Amended Constitution Jan 2018.

 1. The aim of the South Wales Centre of the Morgan Sports Car Club, hereafter known as TaffMog, is to promote the social interaction of the members who have a common interest in Morgan Sports Cars.

2. Members of TaffMog are required to hold a current membership of the MSCC and to complete the TaffMog Application Form, containing -

The above details from the form will be confirmed annually. [09/01/15]

3. Members are required to inform the Centre Secretary immediately upon cancelling their membership of MSCC [09/01/15] or if they wish their membership of TaffMog to cease for some other reason. [12/01/17]

4. An AGM will be held in January. The venue for this AGM will alternate between the Nantgaredig, Usk and Bridgend areas [8/01/09], occurring in place of the usual monthly noggin in that location. [12/01/17]At the AGM, the Treasurer will present the previous year’s accounts (January to December inclusive) for scrutiny to the membership. [11/02/10]

5. Any member may request an EGM by submitting one or more resolutions to the Centre Secretary, seconded by 12 other members. The Centre Secretary will then arrange for an EGM to be held within one calendar month from receipt of the resolution(s) at a forthcoming TaffMog noggin of his choosing. If the member requesting the EGM does not attend, the resolution(s) will not be discussed or voted upon. [12/01/17]

6. Only members and their spouses/partners who satisfy points 2 and 3 above are eligible to vote at an AGM or EGM and to offer themselves to serve as Centre Officers. [09/01/15]

7. To effect the efficient running of TaffMog, the membership will elect 2 Executive Officers, a Centre Secretary and a Treasurer. In addition, a Non-Executive Officer will be elected to be the 3rd signatory for Taffmog cheques; plus any other Officer(s) deemed necessary by the membership. These Officers will be responsible for the day to day running of the Centre throughout the year. The Officers will be elected into their positions at the AGM each year by a majority of those members attending. Terms of office for each Officer will last one year and there is no limit to the number of years Officers can hold office. In the event of conflict between an Officer(s) and the membership, a vote must be taken by the attending membership (quorum ~ 10 members) to resolve the conflict or remove the Officer from that post immediately. This vote will be held at either the next AGM or at an EGM called for that purpose. The vote must carry by a majority and in the event of the membership vote being equally split, the Centre Secretary has the casting vote. To authorise cheque

payments from the TaffMog bank account, any two of the three signatories must countersign each cheque. Electronic payments made by the Treasurer that are for capital expenditure in excess of £250 must be authorised by the Centre Secretary. [12/01/17]

8. A raffle will be held during the Christmas weekend with all proceeds going to a registered charity. The charity would be agreed at the AGM prior to the Christmas event with nominations being forwarded in writing to the Secretary at least one week before. Each nomination would have to be seconded by four members with each member being entitled to nominate and/or second one charity only.

If more than one nomination is put forward, the Secretary will arrange for a ballot of the members present at the AGM. [12/01/17] Once selected, the charity would not be eligible for nomination again for a further 2 years. [8/01/09]

9. Items and proposals for the AGM agenda must be notified, in writing, to the secretary at least 1 month prior to the meeting. No item will be discussed or any proposal voted on at the AGM unless the person putting forward that item or proposal is present. If they are unable to attend, for whatever reason, the item or proposal will be deferred until such time that they do attend an AGM. [11/02/10]

10. Members who have registered for major events should notify the secretary well in advance.

11. The rules below exclude packages organised through the MSCC which will be covered by their terms and conditions and insurance. The Secretary of TaffMog will state at the outset whether the organised trip or event is a package or not. Deposits and payments made to TaffMog will be held in the Centre bank account and evidence of its safe deposit will be available on request. Cancellations - by TaffMog - full refund unless notified and agreed at the outset. Cancellations - by members - if the booking can be transferred see below, otherwise TaffMog will endeavour to obtain refunds from the hotel, travel organisation, etc which will then be refunded to the member, less £10 administration fee. Refunds - any other refunds will be at the discretion of TaffMog. Transfer to another member - can be a person or persons who are, or are not, centre members and will be subject to a £10 administration charge. If travel, ferry, hotel etc terms and conditions are different to those outlined here they will be stated at the time of the booking and will take precedence. Other costs such as hotel extras will be the direct responsibility of the member. Special requirements - TaffMog will do all it can to accommodate any special requirements but cannot give guarantees. It is always wisest to notify the organiser of any needs well in advance. Any travel and hotel bookings done directly by the members are entirely their own responsibility. The Centre will always help, but cannot be held responsible in any way. It is the responsibility of the members to arrange their own car, medical, travel, other personal and hotel insurances. These terms and conditions can be amended by the Secretary having given four weeks notice to members, with no more than six members objecting. The changes must be ratified, or otherwise, at the next AGM. [10/01/13]

12. The amendments to this constitution were discussed, agreed and formally voted in by a majority of the Taffmog members attending the AGMs on 8 January 2009, 11 February 2010, 13 January 2011, 12 January 2012, 9 January 2015, 15 January 2016 and 12 January 2017.

13. The constitution will be published via the TaffMog website, along with any amendments agreed at an AGM. A member of TaffMog without internet access may request a hard copy by writing to the Centre Secretary.

Paul Harris, Secretary, South Wales Centre, Morgan Sports Car Club


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